What's In Our Food?
by Joanna Kappele

Learn HOW and why TODAY's Food Is Different, 

How it's affecting Your health, and what to do about it!


Book ONE: Food

Food, Disease, Water, Plastic, Palm Oil, Climate Crisis, Pollinators! Are you confused with all the environmental issues today? It’s hard to keep up! Which issue is impacting you the most? How may these be affecting your children? What role do they play in your health? What can you do? Where do you begin? If you feel overwhelmed, you’re not alone! 

Consider this book your personal field guide to help you navigate through these times. Be prepared and informed, arm yourself with knowledge and facts. Start connecting the dots and see how deeply these issues intersect with your life, your family, your home.   

My Story


This book is the result of 30 years of research. It all began many years ago. Like many of you, I grew up wild about nature. I went from walking trails in the woods to working with GreenPeace after the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill. Since and far before then, I've continually strived to do what I can to protect and learn from nature.


My background includes studying ecology at College of the Atlantic in Bar Harbor, Maine; living in Alaska; and teaching elementary school in Chicago as well as New Zealand. 


The vision for this book came to me years ago after my parents fought and lost to cancer. That triggered a new course in my life-  to learn as much as I could about the origins of disease, and what if anything we can do to prevent disease (or heal from it as the case may be). Cause and effect.


What I found time and time again is that most diseases can be traced with striking frequency to a connection in our environment. Typically the connections are linked with products, substances made by humans.  These issues affect not just humans, but animals and all life on earth. Unless we begin making changes, life as we've known will never be the same.


Come with me on this journey. These books are packed with facts and pertinent information you need to have in your back pocket now. If nothing else you can use this book as a solid resource tool when you have a question related to public and environmental health.


The Green Handbook was created to help you protect yourself, your health and your family. In learning about these issues, you will have the facts and solutions you need to do your best in keeping everyone you love healthy, protected, safe and sound. And ultimately you'll gain the knowledge base to help end poisonous pollution and toxic releases that interfere with everyone's health and our pursuit of happiness.  


This book begins with the food supply & opens your eyes to the big picture, how it's all connected—what’s in our food, what's in the water, what's in our air: what's causing us harm? How does food affect our health? What does food production have to do with the climate crisis? Why and how does pollinator health relate to our health? How does this all relate to the pandemic of 2020? This book will help raise your awareness of these important topics. You'll walk away with a deeper understanding of what brings you health, and what keeps the planet balanced and able to sustain humanity. 


Together we have the ability to reverse the current trends toward catastrophe, but only working together in unity. Prepare to rise, we have no time to waste.



Book ONE



The time has come for us to work together in solving these crises. There are many, we have no time to waste.


Book TWO


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